10 Way You Can Raise Your Vibration

1. Control your thoughts! Our everyday thoughts create our reality. We are not saying that you should keep track of every thought that comes into your mind. It could drive you crazy. It is simply necessary to force yourself to abandon negative thoughts.

At first, this seems like an impossible task. But over time, you will understand that it is not so complicated, you will train your mind to filter your own thoughts. Learn not to see a problem, but how to see a solution. The more you think about good, the more you increase your vibration.

2. Talk only about what you want! Very often people with problems in their personal lives, at seeing a happy couple in love, sigh, and say something like: “Well, someone is lucky, but obviously not me!” Stop this thought! You only make it worse, and therefore, you only lower your own vibration. Next time, say something like this: “I am happy for this couple, I am sure that in the near future I will also meet my fate.” The same goes for money, you should not tell (and complain about ) your financial problems, because you only aggravate an already difficult situation. Learn to talk about prosperity, money and happiness, stop telling everyone that you are a failure!

3. Carefully choose your circle of friends! Try not to communicate with pessimistic and negative-minded people, usually this category of people has very low vibration and this can affect you.

4. Stop thinking at least for a while! This is best done somewhere in nature or in a separate place out of the city. Focus your attention on silence and calmness. This is the best way to clear your mind and increase your vibration. If you are a very busy person and cannot afford to relax in the near future, listen to some relaxing relaxing music.

5. Communicate with like-minded people! Spend more time with people who share your interests and hobbies. For example, if you decide to become a writer, then enroll in a literary course. This way you will not only improve your skills, but also significantly increase your vibration. It has been scientifically proven that communication with like-minded people prolongs life on average by 5 years.

6. Give as much as possible! It can be anything: money, time, or just something that you have not used for a long time. By giving, we get double. Help others and others will come to your aid.

7. Treat people as you would like people to treat you! Before getting angry and offended by someone, think about whether it’s worth it. There are times when it’s better and easier to forgive. The easier and kinder you relate to others, the better people you will meet in life.

8. Try to watch as little TV as possible! The fact is that television is becoming more and more a source of negative information The more you listen and watch footages about pain, violence and poverty, the more you lower your vibration. Your subconscious mind gets used to negative thoughts and begins to attract them like a magnet into your own life.

9. Remember optimism! It may turn out to be the most difficult thing to do, it’s hard to stay positive when everything around is crumbling and nothing positive happens, but paradoxically it is exactly at such moments that you need to remain positive. When you laugh and relate easily to the situation, your vibration increases sharply, and the higher your vibration, the faster the problems go away. Positive thoughts attract good and pleasant people, and pleasant communication is the key to a good mood.

10. The mood! This is the most important rule that will help you always maintain your vibration at a higher level. Your mood is a reflection of your past thoughts. Start thinking about the good things, consciously change your mood. The better you feel, the more interesting and happier life will get.

Written By Tyara Wolf

Psychology and Personal Development

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