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The consequences of emancipation are such that the roles of men and women in the family and in all other areas have switched and even radically changed. If the man simply does not want to take responsibility in a relationship or for wife and children, she will be exhausted by daily obligations including work in order to earn money and provide for everyone. Perhaps it’s time to remember the role of a man, which is given to him by nature and history.

What a real man does in relation to his woman and family

Men are called the stronger sex because they are created by nature to protect and provide for. And the inner strength and personality in men grows only when they take on their share of responsibilities. It doesn’t matter if it’s a person, family or a business. A man must be responsible for his woman and family. If this is not the case, then the man is a “weakling”. And it’s useless to hide behind beautiful phrases, physical appearance, education and whatever they use to “raise their value” in society and in the eyes of others.  

Full-fledged personality

A man will be a full-fledged personality only when he takes responsibility: first for the woman, and later for his descendants.  

Responsibility is not just living together under the same roof. Responsibility means being support for your loved ones, helping them solve their issues, protecting household members from worries and troubles. Some men believe that they can live as they please, without taking on obligations, and then accuse women of being too prudent and approachable. 

Women’s strategy

It is important to be able to unconditionally trust a man and rely on him.

Everyone knows about “yin” and “yang” – male and female energy. They are in constant balance. If in the family one of the spouses accepts 70% of all the obligation, functions, and responsibilities, then the other person will begin to implement only 30%. This is just one example. Therefore, stop taking on the roles of a man, stop making them lazy and irresponsible. They have to play their part.

There is one more very important thing which can be explained from the standpoint of energy. If a woman feels too much tension, anxiety and does not feel safe and secure, she won’t be able to help development of the family.  The safety and security needs to come from man.

This suggests that the female partner subconsciously does not trust the man, and he feels it. 

The responsibility of a man is not an absolute phenomenon. And it’s good for ladies to learn to be grateful for that. A man doesn’t owe you anything. But if he shows care and readiness to be a man, it is necessary to be grateful for everything: for his care, the fact that he provides security, protects and feeds the family. 

It’s important to show your man that you really appreciate it.  

And one more thing – you cannot wait for the man to guess what you need. He is not psychic and cannot read minds.

It is not in the nature of a man to guess what a woman wants. If you constantly wait for this, you will be disappointed. Therefore, it is useful to learn to ask and communicate properly, to express your desires in an accessible and understandable way.

Written By Tyara Wolf

Psychology and Personal Development

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