Energy Balance: Identify People Who Steal Your Energy

It is important to observe your surroundings and understand whether the people around you are true friends, whether the communication with them is satisfactory, or if they just pretend to be your friends. Are they acting selflessly in your interests, or are they trying to manipulate for their own benefit, hiding behind good deeds?
It is quite easy to detect a hidden threat – there are techniques that work flawlessly. When you find yourself in a certain situation, ask yourself these questions: “Does the communication with this person feels condescending or elevating? How do I feel after communication with this person- good or bad? “

Energy balance in a friendship

We all have friends, girlfriends, boyfriends or relatives the communication with whom feels good and refreshing. There is a feeling that you are loved and respected, and creative people even experience a burst of inspiration. This is precisely the communication that uplifts, fills and nourishes.

But good relationships are rare; more often than not you are being manipulated. Know that even the mildest and well-disguised manipulation is aggression towards you. It is harmful, it wastes your time and energy in favor of another person, a manipulator. Learn to identify people who make you feel bad. You need to understand who is robing you of your time and energy in order to avoid them in the future or keep communication to a minimum.

How to get rid of toxic “friends”

How can you learn to get rid of toxic people? If you feel that after a conversation you are “squeezed out like a lemon”, it means that you are drained of your energy after a meeting or conversation. You have three options, depending on how much you can apply a particular technique.

The first option is to completely cut off the communication. If a person is toxic, they poison your life. Why would you voluntarily take their poison?

The second option – if you work together or if your family member is a manipulator, and you cannot simply cut off all communication, train your “opponent” by communicating positively, but do not respond to their aggression and completely ignore their manipulation. How to proceed according to this “training” method? If a person behaves well towards you – be open to them and spend time together, listen to them carefully. If they start behaving bad – ignore them completely.

The third option – try to find a way to quickly relax. One of the best ways to deal with burnout is to relax completely. Simply decide to do so and do not put it off.

If you are used to being spiritually, emotionally and mentally drained, you will be prone to negativity and bad mood. If a toxic person comes to you, they pour out their negativity to you, you will start feeling “squeezed out” and won’t be able to understand how to deal with this, whether to drink coffee, or to humbly carry the “cross”. It is important to realize that the feeling of emptiness and “exhaustion” is just the tension that you took off the other person and “put” into yourself. You absorbed it. And you should ask yourself a reasonable question: why do you allow this to happen?

You need to either completely stop communicating with such a person, or limit the communication with them. Learn not take over the negativity from the one who brought it, or learn to quickly relieve yourself of someone else’s stress. Whichever method you choose, start practicing and mastering it. And your life will become much more enjoyable.

Written By Tyara Wolf

Psychology and Personal Development

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