Focus On What You Have Instead Of What You Wish You Had

People always strive to be happy ever since they come into existence. We also try a lot of things (sometimes very risky ones), and all in order to experience and bring harmony, happiness and joy into our lives. This is also something that gives meaning to our lives, something out of which our goals emerge. We want to experience again feelings of love and happiness at any time in any place.

However, it often happens that we cannot live up to this goal. Thus, we tend to be dominated by destructive thoughts and subsequently create a reality that seems to contradict the achievement of this goal completely.

Experience true happiness

Many people do not seek happiness in their innermost being, but always in the outer world. For example, you regularly meet those who orient themselves towards material things, who want to earn as much money as possible, who always own the latest smart phones, drive expensive cars, possess various jewelry, buy luxury goods, carry expensive brand clothes, have a big house and, etc.

The feelings in this case are that they are something valuable and special (phenomenon of the materially oriented mind = overinflated ego). So we look for supposed happiness in the outside, but in the long term we are in no way happier, but become pretty much aware that all this does not make us happy in any way. The same applies, for example, to a partner. Many people are desperately looking for a partner.

Ultimately, this is a search for love, an indication of one’s own lack of self-love, which many try to find in another person. But at the end of the day this does not work. You cannot find happiness and love “out there”, i.e. by having a lot of money, luxury or a partner.

The truth is: look inside your soul and start working from there. Search inside your soul, as the ability to experience real happiness, love and joy lies dormant in the soul of each person.

All aspects, feelings, thoughts, information are already within us. It therefore depends only on us, which version of ourselves we realize again and which version remains hidden.
It may sound crazy, but these aspects, these feelings are always present, they just need to be felt and perceived again. We can focus our state of consciousness on these high frequencies at any time, and we can be happy again at any time.

Focus on what you have instead of what you wish you had

There is no way to be happy, because being happy is the way. On the one hand, this also happens through our self-love. It is very important that we appreciate ourselves, love ourselves, stand true to ourselves and our character, that we love and above all respect all our parts, be it of positive or even negative nature (self-love must never be narcissistic or confused with egoism). We are all a creative expression of the universe, unique creatures that create their own reality through their own thoughts. These facts already make us powerful and impressive creatures.
Every human being has the ability to love oneself; one has only to learn use this ability. It is at our disposal within us, rather than in the outer world. If we always seek out the feeling of love or even of happiness in the outside, for example in the form of money, a partner or even drugs, then this does not change our present situation, they are only “cries of help” for love and self-love.

Genuine love begins by acceptance of oneself and with true self-love. You cannot bring happiness or the feeling of being happy into your own life if you always focus on the opposite. If you focus on lack and loss, you simply cannot bring abundance into your life, and for this reason lots of people are always focused on negative aspects. So we tend to always focus on what we are missing, what we do not have, what we need, rather than focusing on what we already have, what we are and what we have achieved, for example.

The more grateful we become, the more we focus on abundance, happiness and positive living, legitimizing them in our minds, the more positive and conditions we will attract.

Gratitude is also a key word here. We should be grateful for what we have, grateful for the gift of life revealed to us, grateful to be the creator of our reality, thankful for each person who gives us affection and love, and equally thankful for all the people who reject us, who at the same time give us the opportunity to experience such a feeling, because we also learn from such feelings. We should be much more thankful for all we have, instead of complaining about unnecessary trifles. We always attract in our lives what we radiate from inside.

Written By Tyara Wolf

Psychology and Personal Development

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