Inspirational Qualities Of Happy And Successful People

Success is something everyone wants, although there is probably no clear definition of what success means, nor are there simple rules how to achieve it. Some may argue that we are talking about wealth and a great career, while others aim at family and self-development.

Just as there is not one clear definition of success, there is not one path “paved to it”. However, people whom we consider successful are positive and inspiring and they have a common set of certain qualities. Work on instilling these qualities in yourself!

1. Do not be afraid to dream big. If your dreams do not scare you, then they are not so great! You know what they say: Strive to reach the moon, and even if you fail, you will still land among the stars” and learn a lot about your potential along the way!
2. Learn from your mistakes. Every time you fall, there is always the opportunity to rise. Don’t let your past mistakes hold you back. Let them motivate you to try again, but in a different way!

3. Follow the path that few people walk. The path to success is never clearly defined. Follow those not so known paths, or better said: find your unique path.

4. Be decisive. Get rid of doubt and discouragement. Consider all options and act immediately, without delaying anything till later.

5. Curiosity is not a vice. A little bit of healthy curiosity is always good! Do not be afraid to get information. Ask questions and be prepared for mistakes. Mistakes are just steps in the process of learning.

6. Trust your intuition. This is your most correct feeling. When you hesitate in making a decision or are skeptical of something, tune in to your intuition.

7. Do not avoid communication. Communication is the basis of any human relationship. Communicate honestly, openly and often, and always clarify all points to avoid misunderstandings.

8. Look for solutions. It is decisions, not justifications or accusations. If you apologize or shift the blame, you only complicate a situation.

9. Be creative and resourceful. Dreamers can also be realistic, so don’t let a single chance slip past you.

10. Take time to recover. No matter how active and sociable a person is, everyone needs time to relax, so do not neglect your body, mind and spirit. Let them rest from time to time.

11. Do not be afraid to take risks. Decisiveness sometimes means taking risks. Remember that the biggest reward usually awaits a person outside his comfort zone.

12. Change is great. Life cannot be fulfilled nor lived without making changes to it. Learn flexibility and adaptability.

13. Learn to negotiate to get what you want. Even if you are afraid to hear “no,” remember that there is nothing fatal in voicing a question.

14. Be honest. And not only with others, but also with yourself. Be realistic about your expectations, as well as mistakes or miscalculations, so that they can be easily fixed.

15. Look for your inspiration. It’s hard to stay motivated when you don’t feel inspired. Listen to music, walk in nature, meet creative people to feel the enthusiasm and burst of energy.

16. Inspire others. One of the most rewarding steps to your success is to inspire others. When you begin to pave the way in the direction you need, be sure to help others do the same!

17. Keep your emotions in check. Control your emotions, or they will control you.

18. Accept the challenges. Consider any experience as an opportunity for learning and growth. When an obstacle arises in your way, do not despair – instead, look the problem in the eye and say: “The challenge is accepted!”

Written By Tyara Wolf

Psychology and Personal Development

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