Optimism Helps You Face Every Obstacle In Your Life

Meeting challenges in the course of our life is more than normal, it happens to everyone. Yet, there are people who are more skilled than others at dealing with obstacles: they are not human beings out of the ordinary or the ones with supernatural talents, the only real reason they are able to move forward more easily is that they are strong personalities.  Being able to respond with a smile to all the negative situations you encounter in life is not easy but if you succeed at that you will also enjoy greater satisfaction.

Ultimately, we can say that optimistic people will be more likely to see obstacles as opportunities for personal growth, while the pessimistic ones will simply play the victim in any negative situation by waiting for it all to pass. But why exactly does this happen? Let’s dig a little deeper together and see how optimism can enormously influence our existence. 

Some simple tips to be optimistic in any situation 

The first piece of advice that you should absolutely put into practice is to see failures and obstacles as simple delay on your roadmap: maybe you have a goal and this obstacle will slow you down from achieving it, but it will never stop you completely. This is a rather difficult piece of advice to put into practice because almost all of us are inclined to identify defeats as something fatal in our lives.

This is obviously a huge error which nevertheless comes quite naturally to us. Being able to identify failure as a simple stop on our roadmap will help us quickly get back to the pursuit of our ultimate goal.

“Being able to respond with a smile to all the negative situations you encounter in life is not easy but if you succeed at that you will also enjoy greater satisfaction.”

Another useful tip is to see obstacles as separate events from everything else: if something in your life has gone wrong, it must not be affected by the general idea you have of yourself, because every aspect of your existence can actually be considered independent.

For example, if you are struggling with your career, you must not doubt your value in personal relationships or in your passions because these actually remain unchanged. Unfortunately, even in this case humans are usually led to see their defeats as something that affects their entire existence and often do not realize that failing in a certain field does not mean being worthless as a person. Furthermore, by isolating the single defeat you will also find it easier to make a second winning attempt.

When dealing with negative situations or huge challenges it is also important to remain calm. Optimists are often able to give the right weight to things, so when they are faced with a challenging obstacle they do not lose their self-control but are able to see it rationally, identifying the real importance.

When you find yourself faced with an obstacle try to relax for a moment, breathe and take five minutes to carefully evaluate what it means to you: is it really something capable of ruining your existence? Most likely the answer to this question will be no, so you can regain your natural peace of mind. Once you have returned to a calmer mood you will be able to evaluate and find suitable solutions to overcome that particular obstacle. Finally, one last thing you should do is avoid accepting failures as something inevitable and challenges as insurmountable: with commitment and dedication you can achieve any result, no matter how many attempts it takes. 

Written By Tyara Wolf

Psychology and Personal Development

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