Overcoming Fear Of Failure And Disappointments

One of the biggest obstacles we all encounter in the course of our life is almost always the fear of failing in what we do or of disappointing the people close to us. Because of this fear we too often refuse to even participate in the challenges that life places before us and therefore we actually fail without even trying.

Obviously, this is a rather big problem and if you don’t manage to control it you will end up closing yourself in your comfort zone without ever having the courage to get out of it. It is obvious that everyone is afraid of the idea of not being up to the situation, but being paralyzed and avoiding any possible risk will only trigger a negative loop that will lead you to continuous dissatisfaction. The fear of failure can completely inhibit all your positive impulses and can strongly affect your behavior.

After a long-term fear, you will no longer be ready to take risks, and you will end up getting nervous at the very idea of having a different experience than usual. It would be much healthier to learn to fail by accepting the fear of disappointment, in this way you will also be able to manage it and you will not be overwhelmed whenever something goes wrong. 

Let’s look at some simple tips to overcome these fears.

Have confidence, self-esteem and self-love 

The basic advice you need to put into practice is to simply love yourself as an imperfect human being and never doubt your individual worth.

Being able to appreciate yourself is the key to not being afraid in the face of the challenges and difficulties that life puts before you. Try to cultivate your self-esteem and always remember that if some aspects of your life are not working out the right way, many others are probably going well.

Similarly, when you encounter failure in one area of your life, you must bear in mind that the latter will not determine your general worth: no matter how difficult it may be for you you in one area, you will still be a worthy person.

Finally, it is important that you always know how to put yourself first on the list of your priorities , because no one will do it for you. Having self-love means exactly this: remembering that the most important person in the world is you not others. If you manage to put these three elements into practice you will see that the fear of failure or disappointment will reduce until it disappears by itself. 

Learn to assess the situation 

Once you have gained a higher self-esteem you will still have to face some uncomfortable and challenging obstacles. To do this, however, you just need to analyze them calmly and with certain detachment. Try to identify what the problem really is by separating it from all the negative factors you are imagining: very often we create problems ourselves. Once you have identified the facts you may be wondering what is the worst scenario you could face, is it really that bad for your life?

Probably the answer will be no and therefore you will already feel a little better. The next step is to identify all possible solutions to the problem, starting from the simplest up to the most complex. At this stage it might be a good idea to write everything down on a piece of paper. The last step is to choose a path and start taking action. Our problems are always solvable, bear that in your mind.

Written By Tyara Wolf

Psychology and Personal Development

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