Prevent Depression From Ruining Your Life

We all have a friend who has suffered from depression or perhaps we have experienced this condition ourselves. Being a psycho-emotional disease, there are various degrees of it and in order to stop it from becoming a real pathological disease it is necessary to go through clinical tests. Nevertheless, sadness and apathy are very present in our society: perhaps it is the fault of the individualist model that guides our way of doing or it is something attributable to our lifestyle.

What is important to understand is that depression is a relatively common and fortunately treatable state. Even the seemingly strongest people can experience depressive moods, so if you’re feeling depressed, don’t blame yourself and don’t underestimate yourself as a human being because it can happen to anyone.

In these cases it is essential to be able to combat this pathology and return to a healthy psycho-emotional state. 

Some tips to beat depression 

Although there are various degrees of this mental disease, there are some common traits that will then become more or less evident and serious depending on the situation. For example, among the most common symptoms is the tendency to isolate: those suffering from depression often choose to spend a lot of time in solitude not because they are comfortable with themselves but because they do not want to see other people.

Furthermore, it is important to consider that depressive symptoms often occur in conjunction with intense anxiety states, which makes it even more difficult to leave the house and be around other people. Depression also involves a decline in one’s self-esteem and therefore a strong distrust in one’s abilities, one feels overwhelmed by events and absolutely unable to react appropriately.

In the most severe stages of depression it often happens that the patient decides to stop communicating with other human beings. In total you have to remember that there are about 350 million people who blame this condition for feeling unable to communicate with others, so you don’t have to feel alone, many others understand what you feel.

As paradoxical as it may seem, the best ways to escape depression are all inherent in a healthy and balanced lifestyle: in fact it is a bit like saying that to recover from a fever you just have to stop having it, but for depression it really works: if you try to lead a better and healthier life you will feel better.

A good way to do all this is to engage in activities that take all of your attention: doing some kind of art, or studying a particular subject or, even better, physical activity. In particular, the latter seems to bring the greatest benefits as it also allows it to be used as a physical relief.

Another thing you could do is to journalling your moods. It also might seem paradoxical, but putting it down on paper will help you to give it the right weight: the difficulties that previously seemed insurmountable once seen in writing become negligible or at least manageable.

In any case, you must never get overwhelmed by negative moods, try to think positive and to fully live your every day. Do not even be afraid to open up to a friend because it is one of the best therapies: taking your experience and your fears can only do you good.

There will always be something negative in the world and something capable of making you sick, but it doesn’t have to be endemic. When your state of anxiety or depression begins to be too heavy to bear, I recommend that you do not waste time and contact a psychotherapist immediately.

Written By Tyara Wolf 

Psychology and Personal Development

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