Some People Only Bring Temporary Relief, Not Healing

Some people suit us, but only for a short time, because the longer they stay in our lives, the more harm they cause.

Some people are best loved at a distance, as being intimate with them over time reveals a different side to them. The side that no longer allows our soul to grow and develop. The side that no longer allows us to show the world the best side of ourselves. The side opposite to everything they seemed to be.

Some people bring with them only temporary relief, but not healing.
They remind us of our ability to love and open our hearts. They awaken in us the emotions that we once hid deep inside.

For a while, they make us feel alive again, but it does not last. They are not destined to coexist next to us, because their presence only pulls us to the bottom. They will hold back our personal growth by draining all our energy. And in the end, we still have to leave them.

Some people can heal you for a little and then make you suffer for the rest of your life. Some people will make you happy periodically, but their lack of love will hurt you on a daily basis.
Some people don’t lie when they say they love you, but they rarely prove their feelings with their actions.

Some people really want the best for you, even though they have no idea what that means.
And although the realization may hurt you, it is still better to be aware that these people will always be your problem, not a solution – a kind of pain reliever, but not a medicine. They will always be guests in your home, not a part of it.

You can ask as many questions as you wish, but the answer will always be the same. They came into your life for a short time and bring with them only temporary relief, and this, as you know, cannot solve any problem in your life.

Sometimes these people only make things worse. Sometimes we hope that this or that person can help us, but ultimately they bring even more suffering. It’s time to take everything into your own hands, and not invest time and energy in temporary people and at the same time lose yourself forever in such relationships.

Written By Tyara Wolf

Psychology and Personal Development

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