Sometimes The Blessing Is Not In What Is Given To You, But In What Is Taken Away

Each of us has his own path. Sometimes the divine force sends us people or events we need on our way to be happier and more fulfilled. But sometimes, people and things are taken away from us.

Let’s illustrate this by a simple example of a relationship that may have happened to so many people.

A person may appear in your life, and you may be sure that you have finally found your true destiny, that you can receive the love that you are ready to give. You want to spend the rest of your life with this person.

You’ve already had terrible past relationship experiences before, and maybe an overall difficult life period, so you want to believe that this is finally over. You want to consider this person a long-awaited blessing.

But, as the relationship develops, things appear to be going in the direction you did not foresee, or maybe didn’t want to see: they start distancing from you, they become cold, they only want to be around you when you are happy, they don’t want to discuss what worries you as if it is insignificant. They may say things like: “You are dramatizing everything, you are making an elephant out of a fly”. You see, they don’t really care about you. The communication is impaired.

You can continue like this for a long time. But you can also realize that this relationship is toxic, except that you do not want to accept it, as you want to believe so much that they were God-sent to you. It scares you to believe otherwise.

There is anxiety inside of you, but you want to believe that these are the “butterflies of love”. You may confuse the warning signs with happiness.

You start thinking too much, spend sleepless nights and days crying, in the end you have to admit: this is not the right thing. It dawns on you: sometimes the blessing is not in what God gives, but in what he takes away. Where did you get the idea that they should have stayed with you? 

You will realize that this was a blessing when this person leaves you. They were sent to you so that you could learn to love yourself and raise your standards. To no longer agree to a person who does not know that love has to be mutual and unconditional.

Now you know exactly what you are searching for.

Written By Tyara Wolf

Psychology and Personal Development

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