Stop Worrying What Others Think Of You

What are you worried about? The impression you make on others? The intentions they have towards you?

Are you so worried about other people and their intentions, so much that it affects your daily life and the way you behave in general? You tend to be afraid of people. Generally speaking, each person is interested in knowing what other people think of them. But, is there a reason for this?

Some are simply worried about you …

There is an interesting parable I will use to describe that worrying about what other people think of you is unnecessary and even wrong.

Michael was returning home on foot all by himself. The road was deserted, the sun went down and it was starting to get dark. And Michael was frightened – he saw a group of people walking towards him.

He thought, “They must be robbers…There is no one here except me, they probably want to rob me.” Terrified, he jumped over the wall that was nearby and ended up in the cemetery. There Michael found a freshly dug grave, climbed into it, somehow calmed down, closed his eyes and waited for people to pass by so that he could go get out.

However, people also noticed that someone was on the road. Michael jumped so unexpectedly that they got also afraid: “What’s the matter? Is someone hiding there or planning something bad?” And they all jumped over the wall.

Now Michael was convinced: “I was right, I judged correctly: these people are dangerous. Now there is nowhere to go; I’ll just pretend to be dead. ” And Michael pretended to be dead. He stopped breathing, because you can’t rob or kill a dead person.

However, people saw Michael jump, and this worried them greatly. “What is he doing?” They gathered around the grave, looked into it and asked: “What does all this mean? Why are you here?”

Michael opened his eyes, looked at the people and realized that there was no danger. Laughing, he replied, “Yes, this is a question, a very philosophical one! You ask me why I am here, and I would like to know why you are here. I am here because of you, and you are here because of me. “

It’s a vicious circle: you are afraid of other people, they are afraid of you, and your whole life becomes a mess.

Stop participating in this nonsense, get out of this vicious circle, things are usually other than what you think they are; do not worry about others’ opinion. Your life is enough to worry about, don’t worry about others.

And I assure you:  if you can live carefree, your life will flourish, and then you can share it with others .

You want to share, and you have a lot to give to others, but first you must stop thinking about others and what they think of you.

Writte By Tyara Wolf

Psychology and Personal Development

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