That’s Why You Suddenly Started To Miss Me

Because I never lied to you. I never pretended to be somebody I am not, I never avoided your questions, I never said anything that I did not think. I was always honest with you about everything and you never needed to worry that I was cheating on you, because you actually trusted me.

Because I have never misled you.   I never told you that I was ready when I wasn’t, I never promised you anything that I didn’t fulfill. I never talked about the future that I didn’t see, and I never played with either your heart or your mind. You always knew that actions would follow my words and you knew that I have always kept my word.

Because I was there for you.   You could call me late at night, tell me about a big event at work, about your family problems, I stayed with you during your boring days and lonely evenings. I was with you both during painful conversations and during silence. I was always with you when you needed me, and you didn’t even need to ask me about it.

Because I made you laugh.   When you were tired or not in the mood, I made you laugh. I made you laugh with me and at me, and I laughed with you. Even if I was sad, I still made you laugh.

Because I understood you.   I understood your gloominess, your fake smile, the way you acted when you were angry and when you were relaxed. I understood the calm before the storm, I understood your need for space. I understood you and I didn’t need an explanation.

Because I was your safe haven.   I was what distracted you from your dark world. I was a sweet message in the middle of a work day. I was the supportive morning call before your presentation, I was the relaxed nights, I was the days when we lay in bed all day doing nothing, I was the smile you needed to keep your mind going.

Because I forgave you.   I forgave your inattention, your selfishness, your withdrawal, your harsh words and the fact that at times you could not understand me. I forgave you for the things for which you did not feel guilty, and I forgave you for all the things that you could have done but decided otherwise. I really forgave you.

Because I accepted you.  As you really were, I accepted the person behind all your masks. I accepted your darkness, your flaws, your weaknesses and your insecurities. I took you with all my heart; even when it was impossible to accept you, I accepted you.

Because I let go of the situation and moved on.  I’m not yours anymore, you can’t approach me anymore, you can’t call me in the middle of the night, you can’t call me for dinner, you can’t talk to me when you have problems and you can’t count on me anymore I will fix everything all on my ownYou miss me because you are afraid I will find someone better than you.

Because she’snot me.   She does not understand your subtle hints or your mystery. She doesn’t understand your sense of humor or your sarcasm. She doesn’t pull you into talking about what bothers you and doesn’t know how to comfort you She doesn’t know how to make you smile and doesn’t know how to love you. You miss me because it is starting to dawn on you that perhaps no one will care the way I cared.

Written By Tyara Wolf

Psychology and Personal Development

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