To Those Who Gave Everything But Received Nothing In Return

There is nothing worse than watching the person you love stop loving you.

It feels like someone is getting inside of you and tearing you apart. You are helpless and afraid. You feel that you cannot control anything, that you have already done everything possible, but it was not enough.

You are ready to do absolutely everything for this person, you are ready to love them even more than anyone else has loved and will love him, but they still want to move away from you, they do not want to be with you anymore. You’ve lost a person you could previously rely on, someone who knows you better than others and who was the whole world for you, if not more than that. All you wanted was for them to stay and love you as much as you love them. But that is not happening and there is nothing you can do to retain them in your life.

You must end this toxic relationship. Throw off the dead weight of it. Even if you still cannot be indifferent to them, the love you are giving to them and the love you are receiving in return are not equal. Perhaps they loved you with all their heart, but now their actions are deprived of any love. Or maybe they only used your love, support and sacrifice. They was there when you were happy and moved away when you felt bad. They were unreliable. Do you really want such a partner for yourself? A partner with whom you are going to live your whole life, share food, bed, house? What happens if you can’t pay your bills? Or if some misfortune happens? What if you find yourself in trouble and are inconsolable in your grief? Will they be there for you or will he leave you to deal with everything alone? Now you may not be aware of it, but you dodged a huge bullet.

There is nothing romantic about loving someone who doesn’t love you the way you deserve. There is nothing romantic about dedicating yourself to someone who treats you without respect or patience. And there is nothing romantic about suffering. They may be a selfish and bad person, and you don’t have to put up with their coldness. The battles that are now present in your life will always be there. Do you really need all this pain and anxiety?

Failed relationships and mistakes are a source of new knowledge and a new stage in your development. You understand what you need from a partner and what to avoid. You are learning to leave.

Please get away from such a person. Yes, it will hurt in the beginning, but if you continue like this, nothing will change. You will only continue to walk on a slippery path. What you are doing right now is consciously drinking poison. And even if this poison is able to quench your thirst, it will never turn into water.

But what if you are desperate for revenge? It is not worth it, because revenge will only make you focus on your pain. You do not want a wound that does not need heal and leaves a huge scar after it. Let it heal of itself. You already got your revenge when you left this person. And they will regret losing you because they will never again meet someone who will put up with their miserable behavior in a relationship, or someone who will be as kind to them as you were. When they see that you are not putting any more effort in this relationship, that will hurt them a lot after you leave. They will miss you forever, but it will be too late.
Now it is high time you became the most important person in your life. Live your life to the fullest and soon everything will fall into place.

Written By Tyara Wolf

Psychology and Personal Development

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