We Are Not Tired Of Life, We Are Tired of Disappointments

We are not tired of life, we are not tired of love, we are tired of disappointments and betrayals, we are tired of being treated badly.

We are tired of self-pity, seeing ourselves only as victims of circumstances without any possibility to change anything. We are tired of the constant fear that we will fail, lose, be manipulated, abandoned, and in the end we become stuck in the dead end without the possibility to see a better future.

We are not tired of life, we are tired of turning our back to the present, constantly looking to the past, remembering better times and days that we think will not happen again. We are tired of feeling that we are always missing something in order to be complete, happy and strong. We are tired of the words we have said and realized that they have not brought us anything good, we are tired of the expectation that tomorrow will be better than today, but nothing really changes.

We are not tired of life, we are not tired of love, we are tired of proving to others that we are right, proving our ideas, dreams, beliefs. We are tired of feelings of inferiority, lack of trust in ourselves, inauthenticity in which anxiety, worry and other feelings drag us to the bottom, wondering if we will have enough strength to rise again and whether it is worth living at all. We are tired of constantly repeating the same mistakes and not finding the way out.

We are not tired of life, we are eager for life, we are eager for those beautiful feelings, eager for attention, tenderness, kind words, eager for someone to say they love us. We are not tired of love, we are eager for love. But we have lived too much in the shadows, on that dark side, that we have convinced ourselves that it is how life is supposed to be.  

We want to lean on someone’s shoulder, listen to someone’s voice and hear someone’s heartbeat, that’s the only thing worth living for. We want it, we’re not tired of it.

Written By Tyara Wolf

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