Your Self-esteem Levels Affect Your Future

There are many aspects that can influencing what our future will be: for example, our ability of managing adverse situations or organizing our time, but self-esteem is the basis of our destiny. Of course it is true that you can fail while chasing a goal, but if you have a strong sense of self-esteem you can also get up quickly and to give it a second try.

What exactly is self-esteem? It is a concept that we have all internalized for good or bad: having self-esteem means appreciating what we are and what we do in our life. It is a feeling that can make life much easier for us, saving us from negative moods. For example, those with a high level of self-esteem tend to be less critical of other people, more open to new things and not envy those they meet.

Self-esteem is also a precious indicator of our emotional health: if you do not respect yourself first, it is difficult for someone else to do that for you. In most cases, having no self-esteem also means having certain emotional problems. It rarely happens that the lack of self-esteem is due to an objective and tangible fact or an evident inability – in most cases it is simply a lack or quality that we project onto ourselves.

This is why it is essential to be able to increase confidence in one’s abilities: learning not to doubt your worth will allow you to achieve positive results even in the most adverse and demanding situations. Always try to put yourself first, in this way you will also be able to give a precise direction to your future, controlling your destiny. Let’s see some simple tips to increase your self-esteem and confidence in your abilities. 

Values, commitment and awareness 

Self-esteem is something we negotiate every day: based on how our experiences of the previous day went we will have more or less self-esteem. These are always minimal variations but they exist, because self-esteem is a constant process and it is not possible to build it overnightIf you want to build confidence in yourself and your abilities, a good way to start is to identify ethical principles that are important to you.

Regardless of the outcome of your experiences, if you have followed these moral values you will probably feel at peace with yourself and will not experience a collapse in your self-esteem. Try also to indulge your personal inclinations and not take on values that do not fully belong to you because this would make it difficult to follow them to the end. The second thing you should do in order to build confidence in yourself and what you do is to commit yourself to your passions and tasks. True, it can be frustrating at times not to reach the goals you set for yourself but if you have put all your energy into trying you will also feel at peace with yourself and your conscience.

Also consider that every time you put effort into something you also get an improvement in your skills, so even if you don’t reach the goal you set, you will still improve as an individual. The last piece of advice is to try to identify what you really want: chasing a dream that does not belong to you is frustrating and will not help you gain more confidence in yourself.

Written By Tyara Wolf

Psychology and Personal Development

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