f You Want To Stop Repeating The Same Life Lessons, You Need To Understand The First 6 Universal Laws Of Nature

There are 12 Universal Laws of Nature. You can start transforming your life by understanding the first six.

Your life takes cues from you about what to allow and what to change. Some universal laws are fixed, like changing seasons. Other laws are fixed to the extent that you agree with them, like your thinking patterns. 

Once you understand a bit more about how they work, you’ll recognize how they’re playing out in your life right now.

It’s when you keep dating the same type of guy. You think he’s nothing like the rest, but it turns out he’s more like the others than you think.

Or maybe it’s the moment everything in your life is finally going right, and then all your exes come back. They call you out of the blue, show up in your social media inbox or at your local grocery store after not seeing them for years. This legit happened to me. Have you experienced this? It’s no coincidence. It’s somewhat of a universal test. Life keeps repeating the patterns you allow until you say no more. 

You’re not a victim. You’re a cycle breaker. 

You cannot fail the lesson. You only learn and grow. Life isn’t trying to torture you. It’s pushing you towards your best self. 

You might be the first cycle breaker in your family. The first to attend college, the first to own a business or leave an abusive relationship. Whatever is your first, I want you to know that breaking cycles requires extraordinary strength. You might feel weird and out of place, but it’s for a reason. 

You aren’t meant to fit in. You’re meant to stand out and stand up.

Understanding the universal laws of nature helps put world views into perspective. Circumstances aren’t happening to you. They are happening for you. Understanding the universal laws of nature moves you from reactivity to a conscious response. 

When life happens, you can stop and say, “ah, this is a test,” or “ah, you’re my mirror,” or “what is this moment trying to teach me?”

Here are the first six laws,

1. The Law Of Oneness

Everything and everyone is connected more than we know. 

You might feel separated or misunderstood, and on a basic level, this is true. You are unique. There are parts of yourself that only belong to you. However, we are more similar as a people than we are different. 

You haven’t found those you can relate to because you aren’t expressing who you really are. If you don’t embrace, love, and accept who you are, how can others find you? 

I acutely became aware of this when first starting writing. I thought I was coming up with random genius ideas, but I found that I’d be writing similar thoughts to the next person. It made me realize that I’m not so isolated or have as many “crazy” ideas as I’d thought. 

You can use the law of oneness to stop repeating the same life lessons by escaping the isolation and victimhood mentality. Realize that you have power, that people can relate to you, that others have gone through similar experiences and have come out on the other side. 

2. The Law Of Vibration Or Energy

Everything in the universe moves on a rotation, not only physically but also through our assumptions. Each thought is energetic and will combine with others of similar energy. When you’re around a positive person, they make you feel better unless you’re conditioned to think negatively. Then they might irritate you.

You can use the law of energy and vibration to stop repeating the same life lessons by paying close attention to those who constantly think and act negatively. They will pull you into their world if you’re around them long enough. You may need to distance yourself from them. Likewise, be aware of your own energy. Practice maintaining positive energy by participating in activities that lift your mood. 

3. The Law Of Action

Each small action produces a result. Your actions are driven by your thoughts, mindset, words, dreams, and emotions. This concept means that before an action takes place, you have to think about it, even if only subconsciously. 

Your actions come from deep-rooted thoughts that you haven’t brought into control. 

Our thoughts and actions must align to support our goal. You can’t say you want a healthy relationship and expect different results while tolerating a partner who constantly mistreats you. You can’t say you want a healthy relationship and expect different results when you haven’t researched what that looks like, for you

I’m not saying that you must heal before you can receive love. But what I am saying is that you must participate in co-creating your life.

You can use the law of action to stop repeating the same life lessons by first thinking about what you want, then working backwards to get it. Use affirmations, goals, or scriptures to set your intention. Start by taking small steps towards where you want to be. 

4. The Law of Correspondence

This law says that we are responsible for our lives. Every action we take will mirror our outer and inner world. 

Have you ever had a bad day, and suddenly everything seems to go wrong? Our environment is constantly relating back to us. When you have negative experiences or are irritated by certain people, realize that this is an area inside yourself that you haven’t yet looked at. Or perhaps an area you’re still hurting from. You’re triggered. But why?

You can use the law of correspondence to stop repeating the same life lessons by asking deep questions. 

What is this experience trying to teach me or show me? 

Why does this person irritate me so much? Do I have any of the qualities I don’t like about them in myself? 

Do I need more of the qualities I don’t like about them in myself?

5. The Law Of Cause And Effect

Isaac Newton says, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Nothing happens by chance. Actions have consequences. We think short-term when it comes to the results of our actions. We live in a world of instant gratification, which prevents us from seeing the long-term effects.  

How will this action affect you in five years? 25 years? 

How will this action affect your life’s purpose? Your children, should you choose to have them? The generations to come?

You can use the law of cause and effect to stop repeating the same life lessons by realizing that every decision, no matter how small, can change the course of your entire life. And there are major decisions that change it even more. Consider who you marry, how you take care of your body, and the way you think. 

Before taking action, ask yourself, “What are the long-term effects of this?”

6. The Law Of Compensation

The law of compensation, better known as karma, says you get what you give. Giving comes back in different forms, such as people being kind to you, business opportunities, money, and favor. You don’t have to worry about revenge. “Vengeance is mine,” says God. Everything you do will have a result.

You can use the law of compensation to stop repeating the same life lessons by making choices that work together for good. Also, mind your business. You don’t have to worry about getting even with someone who did you wrong. Let nature take care of itself. 

I don’t believe karma is perpetual. You can always, at any time, change the course of life, no matter how dark your past was. 

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