Sometimes Life Makes You Happy, Sometimes Life Makes You Strong

We come to this world knowing not what to expect. We are vulnerable, inexperienced and dependent on our parents first. Then we start to grow “learning life” and from life. Lots of people asked the famous question: why do we come to this world crying? And many said that it is because life is difficult.... Continue Reading →

If You Don’t Fight For What You Want, Don’t Cry For What You Lost

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”― Eleanor Roosevelt It is easy to give up on something you just thought of doing, because you are afraid of failure. This is one of the most common fears. Then you start regretting not fighting for it, as only when you see... Continue Reading →

Life-long Learning: Spend Your Life Learning

There is nothing more essential in the course of our existence than continuing to gain new knowledge and experiences. Unfortunately, many people are led to believe that learning time is exclusively school time: after high school or university we throw ourselves headlong into the world and work life completely forgetting to renew our knowledge periodically. This is... Continue Reading →

Your Self-esteem Levels Affect Your Future

There are many aspects that can influencing what our future will be: for example, our ability of managing adverse situations or organizing our time, but self-esteem is the basis of our destiny. Of course it is true that you can fail while chasing a goal, but if you have a strong sense of self-esteem you can also get up... Continue Reading →

If You Can Imagine It, You Can Make It Happen

We all have unlimited potential and we can use it thanks to our positive mindset. Cultivating a positive mindset can be a real challenge, especially if you have suffered in the past or if you are constantly surrounded by negative people who negatively affect your self-esteem. Below you will find 5 techniques you can use... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Qualities Of Happy And Successful People

Success is something everyone wants, although there is probably no clear definition of what success means, nor are there simple rules how to achieve it. Some may argue that we are talking about wealth and a great career, while others aim at family and self-development. Just as there is not one clear definition of success,... Continue Reading →

Learn To Set Your Priorities

The days go by one after the other, but have you paid attention today to that which is valuable to you, or has your focus been shifted to things that only waste your time and do not bring anything in return? In order not to waste your time on unimportant things and in order to... Continue Reading →

Real Luxury Is Living Your Life The Way You Want

Luxury, it is not about expensive clothes, lipsticks, restaurants, and jewelry. Real luxury is living your life the way you want. In comfortable casual clothes if you will. In comfortable boots. With the lipstick color you like, or no lipstick at all. There is food that you like, being friends with whom it is want, being together for love, and... Continue Reading →

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