Why Do Exes Always Come Back?

Why do exes always come back, especially when you’re finally healing from the pain they brought you? It could boil down to a few different things. Maybe they genuinely miss you and want to get back together with you. Maybe their heart is broken from another relationship and they’re using you as a rebound. Maybe... Continue Reading →

Love Is Not What People Think It Is

True love is not so common. Therefore, people tend to confuse it with falling in love, affection and other similar states of mind and soul. But they all have little to do with true love. It is impossible to create a healthy and lasting relationship on this idea of love. What people often call love,... Continue Reading →

Loneliness In A Relationship

You can also feel lonely in a relationships. This happens when there is no trust, emotional warmth and attachment. Your partner seems to be immersed in himself all the time, does not notice your problems and needs. Perhaps, there was no proper upbringing by his parents when he was a child. But there can be... Continue Reading →

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