Overcoming Fear Of Failure And Disappointments

One of the biggest obstacles we all encounter in the course of our life is almost always the fear of failing in what we do or of disappointing the people close to us. Because of this fear we too often refuse to even participate in the challenges that life places before us and therefore we actually fail... Continue Reading →

Optimism Helps You Face Every Obstacle In Your Life

Meeting challenges in the course of our life is more than normal, it happens to everyone. Yet, there are people who are more skilled than others at dealing with obstacles: they are not human beings out of the ordinary or the ones with supernatural talents, the only real reason they are able to move forward more easily... Continue Reading →

Learn To Adapt To Uncertainty And Move On

We and our whole society today has to deal with a lot of uncertainty: the rhythms and quality of our life require us to re-evaluate our needs and our goals. Employment contracts have become more precarious and fewer and fewer people decide on buying a house instead of choosing to rent it over the course of... Continue Reading →

How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

Some research indicates that people, on average, do a lot of thinking, and produce about 50,000 times a day. Unfortunately, 80% of this talk is negative. They tell themselves things like: I shouldn't have said that that.They don't like me.I will never be able to accomplish this.I don't like my hair today.I cannot dance.I will never lose... Continue Reading →

Avoid Confusion, Set Your Goals And Succeed

Determination has many names: ambition, perseverance, tenacity, discipline, imperturbability, willpower, volition ... Behind all of it lies the ability to set your goals, to pursue them consistently and to achieve them. If you have no goals, you cannot achieve anything. Setting goals make success possible. They are the core of the determination, they give orientation... Continue Reading →

Best 10 Ways To Relieve Stress

Too much work, but too little time and too little sleep: physical and mental stress is not healthy in the long run. Those who are constantly stressed, suffer from symptoms such as headache, muscle twitching, dizziness, restlessness and difficulty concentrating. Over time, cardiovascular problems may also occur. To avoid such consequences, it is important to... Continue Reading →

Stay Away From People Who Are Detrimental To Your Well-being

Build your own tunnels yourself!This is a metaphor. People seem to move in tunnels. Each in his own way. There are general tunnels. They can intersect, merge into one another, can diverge. And they can exist in parallel. Here you have a neighbor, for example, but you never meet him - you live in parallel... Continue Reading →

Stop Worrying What Others Think Of You

What are you worried about? The impression you make on others? The intentions they have towards you? Are you so worried about other people and their intentions, so much that it affects your daily life and the way you behave in general? You tend to be afraid of people. Generally speaking, each person is interested in knowing... Continue Reading →

7 Tips For Those Who Get Hurt By Someone Else’s Criticism

Have you ever heard from others that you are overreacting to something someone said? Surely yes. And this is normal: it is almost impossible not to take any criticism seriously. Problems begin when the reaction becomes too sharp, too violent. How to learn to react differently? As you know, only those who do nothing do... Continue Reading →

Focus On What You Have Instead Of What You Wish You Had

People always strive to be happy ever since they come into existence. We also try a lot of things (sometimes very risky ones), and all in order to experience and bring harmony, happiness and joy into our lives. This is also something that gives meaning to our lives, something out of which our goals emerge.... Continue Reading →

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