When You’ve Been Betrayed By The Person Who Swore They Never Would

Have you ever been betrayed by someone you loved with all your heart and trusted most? Have you ever been wounded by a person who promised and swore they would never do it? Betrayal is one of the worst feelings you can experience. It hurts your soul, your heart, leaving scars that will never completely disappear.... Continue Reading →

Sometimes The Blessing Is Not In What Is Given To You, But In What Is Taken Away

Each of us has his own path. Sometimes the divine force sends us people or events we need on our way to be happier and more fulfilled. But sometimes, people and things are taken away from us. Let's illustrate this by a simple example of a relationship that may have happened to so many people.... Continue Reading →

Use Your Fear To Achieve Your Goals

Being afraid is normal, it is something that unites us all and is part of our human existence. Fear is a legacy of our animal life: its purpose is to prepare us to face potentially dangerous situations and save our lives. Today, however, being afraid is something that rarely saves our life. More than anything else it severely... Continue Reading →

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