Signs Of Narrow-mindedness

Do you consider yourself an open-minded person? Most people would say yes. Such an answer, paradoxically, demonstrates a narrow-mindedness, as you refuse to admit your shortcomings. Narrow-mindedness is manifested in the inability to accept a variety of ideas or opinions. It's easy to see this in other people, but each of us has had a history of being... Continue Reading →

The Power And The Meaning Of Colors

In spring and early summer it is wonderful to see how how colorful nature can be. Everything starts to sprout, it turns green - and in all shades of green, and the first colorful flowers, such as crocuses, tulips, winterlings or daffodils, are already colorfully blooming. The sight of the colors all around can have... Continue Reading →

The Power Of Touch: Hugs Leave An Imprint On Our Genes

Science is no longer boring. Now and then scientists manage to discover truly wonderful things. For example, the fact that the physical contact of the baby and the mother, especially when she caresses the baby, leaves a permanent mark. It is an imprint at the molecular level and cannot be erased. Surprising, but true: hugs and caresses even... Continue Reading →

10 Way You Can Raise Your Vibration

1. Control your thoughts! Our everyday thoughts create our reality. We are not saying that you should keep track of every thought that comes into your mind. It could drive you crazy. It is simply necessary to force yourself to abandon negative thoughts. At first, this seems like an impossible task. But over time, you... Continue Reading →

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