Falling In Love From A Thousand Miles Away

He will call you. You won’t have to remind him that you’re still alive and breathing. It won’t be a question of if, but rather a matter of certainty, knowing that eventually, he’ll pick up the phone and dial you because he hasn’t heard your voice in a day, or an hour, or a week,... Continue Reading →

To The People That Fucked Me Over: Thank You

I’m thankful for the people that fucked me over. Yes, you read that right.  To the people that have doubted me, judged me, laughed at me, deceived me, betrayed me, mistreated me, or just thought I was “too much”, I have to thank you because that’s what led me to where I am now. Staring... Continue Reading →

We Are Not Tired Of Life, We Are Tired of Disappointments

We are not tired of life, we are not tired of love, we are tired of disappointments and betrayals, we are tired of being treated badly. We are tired of self-pity, seeing ourselves only as victims of circumstances without any possibility to change anything. We are tired of the constant fear that we will fail, lose,... Continue Reading →

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