Why Do People Meet The Love Of Their Life When They Least Expect It?

When it comes to a happy relationship, people often meet the right person when they least expect it. This can happen anytime and anywhere.

In such cases, the impression is as if they got all of a sudden lucky. And this is exactly what they would tell you if you ask them how they managed to find that particular person.

But were they really lucky, or were there other, deeper reasons for such a fortunate coincidence?

There are at least 7 reasons why people meet the love of their life when they least expect it.

1. They don’t pretend

When people stop looking for love on purpose, they stop pretending they are more than they really are – they are just being themselves.  The pressure disappears and they have the opportunity to completely relax and not worry too much. 

When it comes to new acquaintances, such people prefer to enjoy communication without any “Ifs” or “buts”. They don’t worry about appealing to the other person, pleasing them in something, or appearing cheerful. This helps the couple to unconsciously manifest their true self. And therefore people are drawn to each other.

2. They are confident

When a person remains himself, he does not feel any tension. Everything in his life goes evenly and this gives him a sense of relaxation. In turn, a calm person always seems more attractive!

If a person starts to worry about a potential relationship, then they will become nervous about everything. Indeed, if you worry too much about the development of events and at the same time try to please your partner, then it will infuriate both of you!

It is also interesting that a relaxed person begins to evaluate others in a different way and is drawn to people with a similar worldview. He does not want to communicate with someone who is in a state of nervousness and cannot concentrate energy. Moreover, calm people do not rush things. They don’t have false expectations in their heads. They just communicate and are willing to get to know others better. It helps to avoid fake connections and build real relationships.

3. They don’t plan things

If a person is purposefully looking for a partner for a relationship, then he or she sets a specific goal for himself every day. And it turns into an obsessive agenda. But why do that?

The average person thinks and wants to find find a truly strong relationship with someone who shares their values and vision for life. And they don’t feel like stopping and thinking or relaxin until they find them.

A person with a specific agenda wants to be in a relationship as soon as possible, and in two years from now they usually plan marriage, in three years they think they should have children. They don’t care whether their partner wants it because they want their partner to follow their plan.

It is not difficult to guess that a person with an agenda only cares about themselves, not thinking about their partner. Ultimately, all this turns into an obsession, and despair.

In another case, a person who lives his life calmly and does not set any specific goals for a possible relationship gets more opportunities. Yes, they have a clear vision and conditional boundaries. But they do not have a specific scenario according to which their lives should develop.

4. They don’t focus their entire life on finding a partner

Some people firmly believe that romantic relationships can solve all their life problems. Of course, this obsession with love makes them ignore other warning signs. It’s not hard to guess that future relationships end up under the colossal pressure of biased expectations and due to this fail.

People with similar expectations do not perceive their partner as an ideal person who will “save them” from whatever problems. A person obsessed with relationships begins to “paint an ideal picture of love” in their head, where their partner exists exclusively for them. 

A person who is able to put their romantic fervor under control and not prioritize it leads a more balanced life. They have the time and desire to deal not only with relationships, but also with the development of their personality. They do not deceive themselves, believing that relationships are a panacea for all problems.

An independent person can easily satisfy their own needs and knows how to take responsibility. Thanks to this, they have the opportunity to more seriously approach the development of a relationship in the future.

5. They are ready to learn new things

When the mind is not clogged with mere thoughts about relationships and love, a person has more time to look for other interesting things. They are investing in self-development and exploration of the world around them. This makes such people extremely open to something new.

This not only helps expand their social circle, thereby increasing their chances of meeting the love of a lifetime, but also makes them more attractive to others due to their rich life experiences.

6. They are open to communication with different people

When a person is engaged in different things, then most likely they have to communicate with a lot of different people. And since he does not have a goal of immediately getting into a relationship, they do not look out for a potential partner, and they communicate more openly and emotionally. Needless to say, this also adds to their attractiveness.

If true love has not yet appeared on the life path of a sociable person, then he will continue to calmly establish new connections, without getting stuck with someone and without suffering from possible failures. Sooner or later, they manage to “accidentally” meet the love of their life.

7. They choose to be happy

When people stop looking for a relationship, they stop putting themselves under emotional stress. They learn to make themselves happy in a different ways. Moreover, such people become less susceptible to manipulation.

They have already had to face their worst fear – the feeling of loneliness. They got to learn about themselves during this process. They begin to realize that it is better to be alone for a while than to live with the wrong partner.

All this leads to gaining self-confidence, carefreeness and resilience to stress. And since our environment is created and based on our own worldview, then similar people appear around us. This is how a pattern is formed when on our path of life we tend to meet more happy, self-confident and self-sufficient people who are genuinely ready for a serious relationship.

But all of this does not mean that you need to completely forget about this feeling and stop searching for the right partner. Just take it less seriously, without creating false expectations in your head.

Written By Tyara Wolf

Psychology and Personal Development

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